7 February 2017

My darling Montrachet…

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By Michael Ganne

Michael Ganne is originally from the Médoc region of Bordeaux and naturally chose to dedicate himself to the wine business. Yet his unswerving taste for novelty spans beyond the great Bordeaux wines…

Elegance & body…

There are quite a few iconic white wines and producers in Burgundy, but Montrachet from the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti is, with no doubt, the jewel in the crown. The combination of the most prestigious producer and of the finest terroir for white wine is indeed a unique combination. 

Montrachet covers about 7,8 ha and is divided between Puligny-Montrachet and its southern neighbour Chassagne-Montrachet. The Chassagne section follows an east-west orientation, while the wines on the Puligny side run from North to South. 

The Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, with 0,6759 ha, carry out a really tiny and young production (about 3000 bottles every year) if we look at the DRC and Montrachet history — the first plot acquired by the DRC was in 1963 (0,34 ha). This plot was bought from Comte de Moucheron and is located just on the border of Puligny-Montrachet and South of the Bouchard / Montrachet vineyard.

Later, in 1965, the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti acquired a second plot (0,17 ha). This plot was bought from M. Roizot and is located just below Baron Thenards, just North of Domaine Lafon. 

The last and third plot acquired by the DRC was in 1980 (0,17 ha). This plot was bought from Roland Thevenin and is located between the roadside and the second plot of DRC just North of Domaine Lafon. 

Montrachet’s supremacy derives from the fact that it manages to blend the elegance of a Chevalier-Montrachet with the body of a Bâtard-Montrachet. Two vintages are available in this “DRC Valentine” Wine o’clock (1998 and 1999) — could it be the perfect start for a life-long romance…?

My DRC Valentine” Wine o’clock 
Tuesday 14th February at 2pm

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