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Baghera/wines' blog aims to offer readers the latest news from the world of fine and rare wines as well as being a source of information for amateurs and wine professionals alike.

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behind the scenes

The history of wine features regularly on the blog, providing insights and stories from years gone by. From sharing with you what’s behind the scenes of a Richebourg tasting at the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, to a presentation of the legendary Port Ellen distillery in Scotland, visit Baghera/wines’ blog and follow us down the fascinating lanes of wine, spirits and their making.


cabinet of curiosities

This intimate “cabinet of curiosities” explores the intersection between wine, business and art, offering a variety of perspectives, whether ardent amateur or accomplished wine professional. This regularly updated platform dedicated to the wine world is a refreshing and open-minded read, strongly committed to sharing stories, feelings and to revealing the people behind wine.

The industry

new trends

Our team of experts being at the forefront of developments within the industry, we’ll ensure customers are the first to learn about exciting new trends and products. Baghera/wines’ team as a whole merrily contributes to this blog by pouring out their souls and thoughts about terroir-driven wines, spirits, wine auction news, personal anecdotes, graphic design in the Bagherian sphere, and so much more…


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To make finding content as easy as possible, stories are categorized. “Baghera’s Chronicles” includes interesting facts, wine tastings and reviews. The “Wine o’clock” category includes historical articles, as well as personal opinion pieces from our experts at Baghera/wines. Other sub-categories can be found under various tags, “Burgundy”, “largeformats”, “finewines”, “Bordeaux”, etc.

who we are

Although it was founded only five years ago, Baghera/wines has already assumed the position of a leading auctioneer of fine wines in Europe. Thanks to port-based storage facilities and industry-leading expertise, Baghera/wines is able to offer an extensive selection of the most rare and valuable wines in the world — and you can learn more about these services by visiting the website.

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Michael Ganne

A new house

Founded in 2015 by wine aficionado Michael Ganne, Baghera/wines is an international wine auction house. Based in Geneva, it draws upon unrivaled levels of expertise to provide buying and selling services to discerning customers around the world. The brain behind Baghera/wines is Michael Ganne – as former Head of Wine for Continental Europe at Christie’s, Michael has presided over countless auctions in both London and Geneva, and possesses an impressive track-record of commercial success.


A new way

Working alongside Michael Ganne is a team of passionate wine experts. With both in-depth knowledge of rare and fine wines and an intrinsic understanding of the auction process, these hardened professionals are there to ensure international buyers and sellers receive the best possible service. The team of experts behind Baghera/wines abide by four clear principles in everything they do: excellency, expertise, sensitivity and proximity. These guiding principles help the wine specialists at Baghera/wines to develop personal bonds with clients — built on trust and integrity.

what we do

At Baghera/wines, we provide expert buying and selling services for discerning customers around the world. We also offer a range of premium services that help collectors, enthusiasts and businesses to manage their wine holdings effectively.

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Online auctions

wine o'clocks

We give everyone, from ardent wine collectors to accomplished amateurs, the opportunity to purchase fine and rare wines with ease. Our online auction rooms, “Wine o’clocks”, regularly allow buyers to place absentee bids and orders.

Cellar management


The experienced and knowledgeable wine experts at Baghera/wines are always on hand to help wine owners manage their holdings. We can assess and evaluate cellars on behalf of owners, and provide specialist advice and services aimed at securing the best possible standards.

Expert advice

an array of services and tools

To assist wine owners, Baghera/wines offers a range of expert services, including bottle authentication, providing estimates, producing luxurious illustrated catalogues (online and print) and offering a selection of high-end marketing tools.


Baghera's Corner wine shop

To make wine buying even easier for the casual enthusiast, Baghera’s Corner was established in February 2017. This new concept involves selling fine wines at fixed prices, rather than at auction. Baghera’s Corner gives ordinary wine drinkers the chance to buy relatively rare wines at affordable prices.

our expertise

The team at Baghera/wines possesses a wealth of experience and expertise. As a result, we offer cellar evaluations and authentications, as well as a range of bespoke services.

experience — cellar evaluations — authentications

Quality and trust

Every bottle of wine offered at auction by Baghera/wines has its traceability guaranteed by our experts, who guarantee the authenticity of the wines sold at auction. This begins with verifying that the wines are genuine, and that they have been stored and transported in a way that is conducive to quality.

Thanks to decades of experience within the Baghera/wines management team, clients can get all the help they need with cellar management in one place. It is the mission of the team to share this knowledge and expertise with all their customers.


Our Auctions

Wine auctions are all about excitement, and are a wonderful excuse to bring people together…
Whether they be “Room auctions” or “Online auctions”, Baghera/wines enjoys creating the impulse.

frenzy — elation — emotions

Room auctions

unforgettable moments

Baghera/wines’ room auctions are unique and prestigious events, attended by the most discerning wine enthusiasts in the world. Rare, extraordinary collections are put to sale in the most outstanding conditions, making the “Room auction” experience an unequalled and unforgettable moment.


a photograph for each lot

Every bottle of wine sold at room auctions is examined closely to ensure it is authentic and in pristine condition. To help bidders make their purchasing decisions, Baghera/wines produces a luxurious detailed product catalogue for every auction in which each lot is photographed.

Online auctions


Baghera/wines is also home to “Wine o’clocks” — one-off online auctions which are hosted exclusively on Baghera/wines’ platform. These animated Internet auctions give buyers the chance to pick up some real bargains, as lot prices decrease during the limited timeframe of each auction.

Pleasure and excitement

easy purchasing

Since the introduction of online auctions to the Baghera/wines’ platform, thousands of wine enthusiasts have been able to buy fine wines at competitive prices. This quick and efficient concept makes the purchasing process easier and more pleasurable than ever before — which is probably why 100% of the lots in the first three auctions were sold…

Our team

The team of wine and auction experts at Baghera/wines is led and inspired by Executive Director Michael Ganne and Deputy Director Julie Carpentier. Together, these leading wine aficionados inspire those around them with their passion and in-depth knowledge of wine.


Michael Ganne

Originally from the Médoc region of Bordeaux in France, Michael Ganne has been in the wine industry for decades. His love of wine inspired him to obtain a Master of Wine Management qualification at the International Vine and Wine Office.

Having travelled far and wide in search of the finest wines in production, Michael has one of the most impressive CVs in the industry. During his time as the Head of Wine for Continental Europe at Christie’s, he achieved several impressive records – including the sale of the most expensive Burgundy ever, a Romanée Conti 1945 and a Bordeaux Cheval Blanc 1947.


In its capacity as one of Europe’s leading authorities on fine wine and wine auctions, Baghera/wines organises and hosts a range of prestigious events throughout the year.

taste — enjoy — share

Bringing together


These events bring experts, professional merchants, collectors and amateurs together in a celebration of fine wine. Baghera/wines also enjoys inventing other associations by initiating out-of-the-ordinary tasting experiences, such as their much appreciated “Saké Champagne” tasting which was held in Geneva in December 2016.



A series of exclusive wine tastings give wine enthusiasts the opportunity to sample vintage and rare wines in various formats. The wines tasted at these events are carefully selected by the experts at Baghera/wines, always with the idea to make people taste new wines, but also enjoy their time while they do it.

Exclusive tastings

The good things in life

Exclusive wine tasting events are held throughout the year, and often feature the rarest vintage wines found anywhere in the world. Gourmet meals often accompany our tastings. Working together with leading consultant Dominique Fornage, a chef is invited to create menus that perfectly complement the featured wines.

“A la carte”

tailoring exceptional events

Baghera/wines also provides an “à la carte” events service, which gives companies and individuals the opportunity to tailor events to their own, unique requirements. These bespoke, personalized services can be adapted to working environments, homes and catering premises.