28 June 2024

Kipling #8 “Sunkissed”

By Francesco Lee

An early passionate, following his “soul of wine”, Francesco is a true enthusiast. Having travelled far and wide and tasted many legendary wines, he has shared his in-depth knowledge with connoisseurs worldwide and collectors for many years.

Hidden gems within a collector’s cellar…

This cellar is a veritable paradise for the traditional wine lover, boasting a diverse array of regions, from the sparkling heights of Champagne like Dom Perignon White Gold 3L to mature Bordeaux, crowned Burgundy, the iconic Grange, and also the warrior whiskies. The complete Port Ellen annual release collection, spanning from the 1st to the 17th edition, is a gem in its own right.


As a wine enthusiast, discovering a hidden gem within a collector’s cellar, forgotten even by its owner, is an experience that dreams are made of. Recently, we were granted the privilege of inspecting an extensive collection of a renowned connoisseur, a cellar so vast that even if he hosted the most lavish parties, he couldn’t possibly uncork all its treasures within the next three decades…

Francesco Lee

🇨🇭 Livestreamed from Geneva

Kipling #8, “Sunkissed”

Wednesday July 3rd, 2024

Auction will start at 1 pm (CEST Europe/Paris)

Livestreamed online auction
Number of lots: 330

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