7 May 2024

Kipling #7 “Humble treasures”

By Pablo Alvarez

Pablo, originally from Spain, has always been in close contact with the fine wine world as his family runs one of the most prestigious wineries in Spain. Pablo chose to follow his passion for the wine industry and specialised in crop science with an emphasis on viticulture and oenology.

A wonderful French alpine single-owner collection

Chartreuse liqueur is unique and its admirers are many. Its secrets and history intrigue. Its intrinsic qualities make it a desired nectar, sought after the world over. Happy are those who have one day had the opportunity to drink an old Chartreuse, for this experience will stay with them for the rest of their lives!

800 bottles: It is truly extraordinary to have the pleasure of contemplating a collection of Chartreuse liqueurs made up of so many bottles assembled into a single collection, with impeccable provenance and perfect storage conditions.

It took a great deal of passion, knowledge and perseverance to bring together these bottles, which we have the pleasure of showcasing in our June sale. This collection bears witness to a long, humble and joyous journey. It is therefore with great emotion that we open the door to this admirable collection, which we have decided to call "Humble treasures".

Although largely devoted to the Tarragonese period, the collection also features works from Voiron and more recently from Aiguenoire. "Humble Treasures", a private French collection, carefully and patiently put together during a period of over ten years, by a collector in the Rhône-Alpes region. It bears the hallmark of passion and sharing, the desire of one person to bring together the crème de la crème of his passion to create a unique collection with a very distinctive character!


🇨🇭 Livestreamed from Geneva

Kipling #7, “Humble treasures”

June 5, 2024
1 pm (CEST Europe/Paris)
Livestreamed online auction
Number of lots: 411

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