10 April 2019

“Domaine René Engel, The Trilogy” – A homage to René, Pierre and Philippe

Domaine Engel The Trilogy Baghera/wines

By Julie Carpentier

Julie Carpentier’s past is deeply rooted to the Loire valley. She has shown a remarkable understanding of native varietals together with an overall taste for exceptional and unique products…

An exceptional auction,
Geneva, June 16th, 2019

100 years after Domaine René Engel’s foundation, 1156 bottles, magnums, jeroboams and 1 methuselah, originating directly from the Domaine’s underground vaulted cellar and spread over 168 lots, will be offered at auction on Sunday June 16th, 2019 at Hotel Beau-Rivage in Geneva.

This historic sale to be held by Baghera/wines is an unique opportunity to acquire the very last bottles from the Domaine and to pay an ultimate tribute to René, Pierre and Philippe Engel, a trilogy of pioneers and passionate winemakers, who each left their mark on Burgundy’s fine wines’ history.

Domaine Engel The Trilogy Vertical Echezeaux 16 magnums aghera/wines

LOT 98
Échezeaux Grand Cru, Vertical from 2003 to 1976 – 16 magnums CHF 20’000 – 50’000

Domaine René Engel, an iconic Burgundian wine-estate to rediscover

Despite little public awareness of the name, Domaine René Engel is widely acclaimed by seasoned amateurs and wine specialists and is regarded by many as one of the top Burgundian domaines. Founded by René Engel in 1919, the Domaine is located in Vosne-Romanée at the very heart of the Bourgogne viticole. Between 1919 and 2004, three men – René, Pierre and Philippe – succeeded each other, from father to son, to run the family’s vineyard, which includes some of the most prestigious Burgundian crus.

For 85 years, these three distinctive characters individually imprinted their marks to the wines, constantly striving and exploring the uniqueness of their terroir and seeking to improve the age-gold tradition. Thanks to their active involvement in the Burgundian wine community, these three men contributed to the recognition and reputation of the distinctive quality of the great wines from Burgundy throughout the world.

The “Domaine René Engel, The Trilogy” auction

Domaine Engel The Trilogy Baghera/wines

100 years after Domaine René Engel was founded, 998 bottles, 146 magnums, 12 jeroboams and 1 methuselah belonging to the Engel family, will go under the hammer of Baghera/wines on June 16th, in Geneva. This auction is the unique opportunity for Burgundy wine-lovers to acquire some of these very rare and sought- after bottles.

A short film presenting the sale is available by clicking here.


Domaine René Engel’s century-old cellar – Vosne-Romanée, France – where the wines were resting until collection and transport to the Geneva FreePort by Baghera/wines in view of the “Trilogy” auction on June 16th 2019.

  • 1157 bottles, magnums, jeroboams and methuselah... split into 168 lots.
  • Vintages from 1921 to 2004.
  • 5 climats
    — Vosne-Romanée,
    — Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru Les Brulées,
    — Grands-Échezeaux Grand Cru,
    — Échezeaux Grand Cru,
    — Clos-Vougeot Grand Cru.
  • 321... bottles and magnums, Vosne-Romanée from 1921 to 2004.
  • 210... bottles, magnums and jeroboams, Vosne-Romanée Les Brulées from 1983 to 2004.
  • 159... bottles and magnums, Échezeaux from 1922 to 2004.
  • 307... bottles and magnums, Grands-Échezeaux from 1922 to 2004.
  • 160... bottles, magnums, jeroboams and methuselah, Clos-Vougeot from 1923 to 2004.

René, Pierre and Philippe Engel, 3 men who have marked Burgundy's fine wines’ history

René Engel,
Henri Jayer’s Teacher

While acquiring a series of plots adjoining the family property, René progressively expands the original estate he inherited. His inquisitive and scientific spirit leads him to explore innovative methods as much in making the wine as in selling it. He provides advice in viticultural assessments and sets up within the Domaine’s premises an œnological laboratory.

An œnology teacher at the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Dijon during 35 years, he educated generations of wine-growers, including amongst others, Henri Jayer, nicknamed “le pape des vignerons”, to whom he conveys his knowledge in wine-making and wine-tasting.

Author of several specialized publications, he also is the co-founder of the Brotherhood “Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin”, an initiative that aimed to promote the wines of Burgundy, based within the Château du Clos de Vougeot premises.

Mayor of Vosne-Romanée

Taking over his father in running the Domaine in 1949, Pierre creates at the same time the “Jeunes Professionnels de la Vigne” group and commits in the local political life by becoming Mayor of Vosne-Romanée in 1959 for two consecutive mandates. He continues the family’s involvement in promoting the fine wines of Burgundy.

the Epicurean

Trained by his father Pierre, Philippe will bring Domaine René Engel to its peak. By instituting new technics, he improves the vinification methods and slowly introduces substantial changes in the wine-growing practices.

Wines from Domaine René Engel come on top of the list with the finest wines produced in Vosne, even in challenging years. His sudden death at 49 years old will lead the Domaine to an end, his last vintage being 2004.


Domaine Engel The Trilogy catalogue Baghera/wines

Auction on SUNDAY 16 JUNE at the Hôtel Beau-Rivage, Geneva.


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