31 August 2020

Baghera/wines: The Boutique

Baghera/wines la Boutique

By Arthur Leclerc

Arthur Leclerc, born in Geneva, comes from a family of restaurateurs who passed on the taste for cooking and sharing gourmet cuisine. An insatiable epicurean, Arthur is fascinated with all things food and trained in the kitchens of a gastronomic restaurant.

(Very) fine wines in the heart of Geneva

In its rank of European leader in wine auctions, Baghera/wines is now firmly established in the world of auctions of exceptional wines. The House, created in 2015 by Michael Ganne and Julie Carpentier, has since come a long way. With all of its wine auction-related activities based in Geneva, Baghera/wines has opened its first flagship in the heart of the city.

Much more than a “Boutique” in the commercial sense of the term, the venue invites wine lovers to discover not only exceptional vintages, but also more accessible and quite remarkable wines, a library made up of ancient oenological books and treaties accessible to members of the Club only.

Located at number 2 rue Adhémar-Fabri, in Geneva and close to the prestigious hotel, Beau-Rivage Genève, with which it maintains close ties, the Boutique offers a unique approach. The client is invited to journey to the heart of the terroirs, to share the most secret stories of the most renowned winegrowers worldwide, is taken by the hand to live a human and sensory experience and reconnect with the land and its noblest products. This is how Michael Ganne and Julie Carpentier, the founders of Baghera/wines, have imagined this venue – a sojourn of pleasure that will allow them to keep in close contact with all of their customers throughout the year.

“Wine is an exceptional product in all respects: its cultural, social or even artistic dimensions allow epicureans to get together around the sensory pleasures it procures. We also thought of this venue as a discreet, elegant and rejuvenating haven for our passionate clients, eager to live unique and unparalleled wine experiences, in the heart of Geneva.”

In order to bring this new entity to life, as a real platform for dynamic exchanges, Baghera/wines also proposes tastings open to non-Club members; the opportunity to spend a privileged moment with an expert oenologist (reservations can be made online). Every month, a selected winemaker, either local or European, will be honoured, thus paving the way for a multitude of side events all linked to the love of wine and gastronomy.

An extension of the Baghera/wines “spirit”, according to Michael and Julie, the Boutique is an accessible venue, where the client will find the same quality and the same devotion as afforded to the selection of wines intended for auctions. The opportunity to buy the best possible quality in the chosen price range, while benefiting from the advice of renowned experts and a concierge service – this is the ultimate mission of the Boutique.

Furthermore, in recent months, Baghera/wines has also embarked on a journey aimed at deepening relations with Genevan restaurateurs through a cellar system in consignment stores, allowing them to offer exceptional wines to their clients. Baghera/wines is as much the supplier of wines to large renowned establishments or other luxury hotels in the area, as it is to talented restaurateurs with whom it shares its founding values: pleasure, dedication, excellence, uncompromising quality and meticulous work.

Rue Adhémar-Fabri 2
1201 Geneva
Tel :  +41 22 910 43 47

Tuesday to Saturday
10am — 7pm

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