31 mars 2020

Wine o’clock | All together


Julie Carpentier

Par Julie Carpentier

Julie Carpentier’s past is deeply rooted to the Loire valley. She has shown a remarkable understanding of native varietals together with an overall taste for exceptional and unique products…

A get-together around the pleasure of the finest crus


This April auction features a stunning selection of world-class red & white Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhône or Champagne wines from the immaculate cellars of a handful of private Swiss & French collectors.

A rare range of Burgundies are gathered in this sale, emphasizing on R. Engel, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, A. Rousseau, Forey P&F, Perrot-Minot, Joblot, Ramonet, JF Coche-Dury, Roulot, A. Ente… to mention but a few.


Baghera Wines All Together Wine o'clock

DOMAINE RENE ENGEL, Grands-Echezeaux  from 1991 to 1995  — 3 magnums


Baghera Wines All Together Wine o'clock

DOMAINE DE LA ROMANEE-CONTI, Grands-Echezeaux 1996 — 6 bottles


Baghera Wines All Together Wine o'clock

DOMAINE RAMONET, Montrachet 2000 — 1 bottle


Baghera Wines All Together Wine o'clock

DOMAINE ROULOT, Meursault Perrières 2008 — 2 bottles



Bordeaux highlights feature Le Pin and Duclot Prestige, while the Rhône collection will cheer all Guigal and Bonneau lovers, with the legendary Mouline, Landonne, Turque and the coveted Réserve des Célestins.


For the delight of all wine enthusiasts, some rare Cristal Roederer, Krug Vintage, Pierre Overnoy, Sassicaia or Harlan Estate are also highlighted in this exciting selection, now offered to you.


“All together” wine o’clock will start at 2pm precisely (Swiss time !) on Tuesday 14th of April. Be on time, it will go fast and us Swiss don’t mess with time !

Keep safe & let the wine flow 🍷



Wine o’clock — online only
TUESDAY 14 APRIL at 2pm sharp (Geneva time)


Baghera Wines All Together Wine o'clock